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The Estimé Group, Inc. founded in 1991, has a staff of highly experienced professional planners providing a wide range of services for both public and private sector institutions. Client-focus, innovation, and partnership are the core values of our firm’s practice. We seek opportunities to develop long-term relationships with our clients, and use our technical expertise to identify efficient and creative solutions to planning and design challenges. Our programming and planning approach for each project is based on our ability to quickly comprehend our client’s business, culture and vision for the future. Our primary goal is to contribute to that vision in a meaningful way, by working diligently with our clients to understand their needs, prioritize the many dimensions of their requirements, and rigorously explore options to achieve an optimal solution.

The challenge in healthcare and laboratory planning is the design of effective flexible environments that support future growth and facilitate both individual and collaborative work. To meet this challenge The Estimé Group designs facilities to fulfill the functional requirements of each user group’s unique needs through a collaborative process involving the client team, the design team, and the facility planning team. We conduct intensive user group meetings to gain a detailed understanding of the primary function of each space, determine the space requirements, identify critical support and office adjacency relationships and define the specific equipment and infrastructure required to support the program.

The expertise we bring to a project makes the process smoother, more efficient, more manageable and cost effective. We help our clients make informed decisions based on thorough analysis of their needs. We are committed to client-focused service and planning practices that avoid costly and time consuming mistakes during the design and construction phases.

We work collaboratively with architectural and engineering firms to create a solution that supports and enhances facility design while still satisfying end user functional requirements. We incorporate technology and flexibility to help our clients plan for and accommodate future change and growth.

SBE & MBE Certification

The Estime Group is classified as a small minority owned business entity (SBE/MBE) certified by the Northwest Mountain Supplier Development Council

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